Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hay Rides and Pumpkins

We went to the pumpkin patch to pick out our victim to be carved up. Three unsuspecting pumpkins became our prey and fell into our hands. We took a hay ride out to the field witch was fun, Kaelynn and I got to drive the tractor. We lucked out that the weather has been so nice it wasn't muddy. Poor Jared had a hurt foot and had to hobble around the field carrying our pumpkins. I picked out a nice big heavy one that I couldn't carry myself. Poor guy but he was a good sport. We brought the pumpkins home and carved them up. We gave Kaelynn a sharpy and had her draw what she wanted cut out. It was quite a mess but Jared did a good job not to destroy what she colored. My favorite part though is the after math of the carving when we bake and then eat the seeds. Yummy!

Happy Hunting

Well deer and elk season kick off in October. We took our camp trailer up and parked for 10 days. We had a great time even though we didn't see a darn thing. Figures when season is closed they are everywhere and now they are all in hiding. We did get a lot of R and R as you can see here. We thought it would be fun to get a hammock. Neither of us had ever used one and when we hung it and Jared got in his bum touched the ground. Kaelynn had a blast. She was always asking to go for a ride on the 4-wheeler even though it was so cold in 5th gear wide open she kept saying faster, faster! I wish I could have got a picture though of all three of us crammed on it. Me with my butt hanging off the back. I'm sure it was a site to see.

Its a Boy!

We are proud to say we will be expecting a bouncing baby boy in February. Kaelynn was hoping for a sister. I had to explain to her several times that we can't pick, its whatever Heavenly Father gives us. She sighs and states," well I guess a brother will be ok." She does want to help pick the name and likes "Bongo" I'm not quite sure if that one will work, maybe a nick name? Hears to cute kids!

Good Ol' Dog

We had a very sad thing happen this summer. Our dog for almost 9 years had to be put down. He, I'm sad to say bit Kaelynn on the hand. She wasn't hurt too bad just mostly scared as were we when we heard a snarl and a scream from the back seat of the car. He is now in heaven swimming and chasing as many birds as he wants to. I love my husband so much he is such a strong man and it broke mine and his heart to do what had to be done. He took him out to his parents farm and buried him. It was the hardest thing I think he has ever done. Later that night when we were both in bed he says to me that he lost one of his best friends that day. Dog truly are mans best friend. They love you no matter what. Pawsy we miss you!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to my not so little girl!

So happy birthday to Kaelynn. I still can't believe she is 3 years old! So we asked her what she wanted for her birthday?Presents! and then she gave us a look like we were dumb. Go figure. She did give more details at a later date of princess stuff. She also wanted a princess party because she saw this great cake at Safeway. So I asked the price, it was a $40 cake. So I improvised and ordered online a cake topper set for $15 and made my own
cake. Its not as fancy as the stores but she's 3 and it tasted good. I was proud of myself, I think I want to take a cake decorating class. She got some really fun stuff. The best was the "Mud Pie Making Station." As you can see she had fun with it.

Here are some silly pic's of Kaelynn, hope you enjoy!
Here is Jared and his big fish.

Memorial weekend we went to Astoria (you know where The Goonies was filmed). We had a lot of fun. It was kind of cool and on and off rain but not too bad. Jared had a charted fishing trip that he went on and caught a 54" sturgeon. He had a great time and now we have soooooo much fish in our freezer. We also went to the Column and from there we could see so much. It was like 360 steps up a spiral stair case to the top. Lets just say if you go don't eat till after, it will make you sick.

Monday, January 18, 2010

So forgive me I'm such a looser. I completely left out a large part of our Christmas. This year was a step up I didn't have to be in the picture with Kaelynn and Santa, but as you see she was not too happy about it. When we were all done she hopped off, wiped her eyes and said, "wow he gave me candy and a brush?" I don't think she believed me at all when I told her Santa was a nice guy. We went Christmas tree hunting. It was fun as always, beautiful and sunny but it was about 25 degrees which is cold for here. Then came the decorations which Kaelynn thought were great. The nice thin about that stretch of cold days was there wasn't any rain. It was cool and crisp but sunny. I took the opportunity to take some pic's out at the farm with the horses. Danny was excited to see us too.

Dress-Up is the Best!

Wow this kid has an imagination.It is so cute watching her play and interact with her toys. Its also a bit scary to hear what comes out of her mouth because I know where she heard it from and I think to myself do I really sound like that? Chances are yes I do. She comes to me the other day and wants to play dress-up. So I get out the Tinker Bell dress and put it on her. She hasn't quite master the art of changing her own clothes but we are working on it. Then she wants the wings and wand. Then she finds my stocking hat and scarf.....of course she needs those too. Then she tops it off with a purse. As you see here it was quite the outfit. She played in it the rest of the day and had so much fun. I hope she doesn't grow up too fast cause this is so fun!

Happy Christmas

Well tis the season. Miss Kaelynn had so much fun this Christmas. She scored big time. Santa brought her a Tinker Bell 4-wheeler. It is so cool. Too bad here in Oregon it rains almost all the time and so she hasn't been out on it much. She was so excited in the days leading up to Christmas because there were presents wrapped under the tree. She was very good though and didn't open any. There was a close call though on my Birthday and I was opening up my gifts and she though she should open some too. Then we told her it was my Birthday and that's why I got to open them and she wanted to know when it would be her Birthday so she could open them too. I also made her a stocking which she called a bocking. Yeah it's a little big but she'll grow into it. She got other stuff like cooking utensils and a cute apron. It was so cute on Christmas Eve we told her the story of Jesus's birth and also The Night Before Christmas story. She was so excited she kept asking to hear them again. This was a great Christmas and the older she get the better it will get.