Monday, January 18, 2010

So forgive me I'm such a looser. I completely left out a large part of our Christmas. This year was a step up I didn't have to be in the picture with Kaelynn and Santa, but as you see she was not too happy about it. When we were all done she hopped off, wiped her eyes and said, "wow he gave me candy and a brush?" I don't think she believed me at all when I told her Santa was a nice guy. We went Christmas tree hunting. It was fun as always, beautiful and sunny but it was about 25 degrees which is cold for here. Then came the decorations which Kaelynn thought were great. The nice thin about that stretch of cold days was there wasn't any rain. It was cool and crisp but sunny. I took the opportunity to take some pic's out at the farm with the horses. Danny was excited to see us too.

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