Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kaelynn is so funny, someday she will play at Carnegie Hall.

We took our vacation this year to Yellow Stone National Park. I had hadn't been there and Jared wanted to go back and see it again. So we packed up the car and drove the 800 miles there. It was great, I got Kaelynn a DVD player for the car. That was the best $70 I ever spent. So she either slept or watched a movie on the drive. We ended up going up to Glacier National Park for 2 days. Both of the parks were so beautiful and I would love to go back some day.
There were lots of neat natural wonders to see like hot springs.
And waterfalls.
We saw lots of Buffalo, they were big and this one lived in our campground.
Waiting for Old Faithful.
Still waiting!

Ryan, Kara, Lane and Kabree came up and spent
a few days with us. We had a lot of fun together.

Lane and Kaelynn had fun together. Kaelynn cried in the car for her cousin the rest of the trip on and
off again.
Happy 4th of July.This was an weird picture but it was the only one I got with most of the kids. It was the last family activity at Jared's parents house in Sublimity before they sold it. It was the house that the kids had grown up in so it was sad to see it go. We had fun though with fireworks which were by far more for the guys than the kids. We also built a camp fire in the drive way and roasted marsh mellows. Kaelynn was so tired by this time that she didn't really care for the fireworks and fell asleep.
Happy 29th Birthday to Jared. Man is he getting old! Just one more year till the doom of 30. Ohh well I still love him no matter how old he gets. He had a fun birthday with his whole family, only Ryan and his family couldn't make. It was a yard full but we wouldn't want it any other way.

We took grandpas boat up a couple weekends in a row to Foster Lake and to Detroit Lake. We all had a blast. It was her first time fishing. She thought the pole was a sword and kept swinging it around. Needless to say she didn't catch a fish.

Mom and dad did though. Jared out fished us all with 5, I got one and my poor dad didn't catch any, but we all had fun.
Happy 2nd Birthday to Miss Kaelynn. She is growing so fast, I still can't believe we have had 2 whole wonderful years with her in our lives. We had a small party with cake here at our house. The grandparents and a couple of her little friends came. She had a blast and was so tired that night. The older she get the more fun it is for her and us too.
She got a great big play structure from mom and dad. She loved it, it was hard to get her off so she could open presents.
Here she is opening some of her cool gifts.