Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good Ol' Dog

We had a very sad thing happen this summer. Our dog for almost 9 years had to be put down. He, I'm sad to say bit Kaelynn on the hand. She wasn't hurt too bad just mostly scared as were we when we heard a snarl and a scream from the back seat of the car. He is now in heaven swimming and chasing as many birds as he wants to. I love my husband so much he is such a strong man and it broke mine and his heart to do what had to be done. He took him out to his parents farm and buried him. It was the hardest thing I think he has ever done. Later that night when we were both in bed he says to me that he lost one of his best friends that day. Dog truly are mans best friend. They love you no matter what. Pawsy we miss you!

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