Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Halloween!
Kaelynn dressed up as Tinker Bell this year. She had so much fun trick or treating. I'm not sure though if her or Jared had more fun..... I think it was a tie. She caught on quick this year. By the end of the night she was tired and told one of the last houses to just put the candy in the bag! I was so embarassed but thankfully the people just laughed. Every mothers dream, a rude child!
Kaelynn with her pumpkin all carved.
Dad was hard at work to get his just right.
Very spooky!

The hard work pays off and now we have wonderful Jack-O-Lanterns. Every night Kaelynn would get super excited when it was time to light them.
Happy Autumn! I love the fall, it is my favorite season. I love the color changes and all the wonderful food. We went on our trip to the pumpkin patch. It was a lot of fun. Nothin says fun like a ride in a wheel barrow.

She searched and search for the perfect pumpkin.
She sure did like the hay maze which quickly turned in to queen of the mountain.
There was also a hay ride which finished off a very fun day.
Happy Fall to All

We went on what will be a yearly trip to Utah to visit the cousins. The drive was a long one but worth it. Kaelynn had so much fun with Hadley, Addie, and Caleb. Those kids played so hard. Kaelynn and Caleb are only 3 months apart and they pick at each other most of the time. We ate lots of good food ( I came home 10 lbs. heavier). We made crafts and went to the dinosaur museum. Arisa and I got a manicure which was a nice treat. Now the guys on the other hand spent the weekend elk hunting in the snow and slept in 17 degree weather. They had fun though, you know "male bonding." I could never figure out why men have to bond in the coldest, wettest, and dirtiest places and they still love it?

So much fun at the Oregon State Fair. This was such a fun year. Miss Kaelynn had a great time one the rides. It was hard to get her off. The only way was to bribe her to go see the animals. I still can't believe how expensive it is! I will say it was worth it as you can see a picture is worth a thousand words.......just look at her face!

We spent a beautiful day at Silver Falls Park for our 6 year anniversary. We hiked and had lunch. It has been awhile since we had been there and hiked. Kaelynn had a blast. It is amazing how wonderful nature is. Then we dropped Kaelynn off at her grandparents and went out to Red Lobster for dinner. It was a great day spent with 2 of my favorite people.
They are so cute. They have the same Birthday. Kaelynn is only about 1 hour older than Brady. They play so well together.
We spent a really fun day at the beach and outlet mall with our friends Autumn and Brady. It was sooooo sunny and warm. No wind and about 72 degrees. One of the nicest days ever on the Oregon Coast.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kaelynn is so funny, someday she will play at Carnegie Hall.

We took our vacation this year to Yellow Stone National Park. I had hadn't been there and Jared wanted to go back and see it again. So we packed up the car and drove the 800 miles there. It was great, I got Kaelynn a DVD player for the car. That was the best $70 I ever spent. So she either slept or watched a movie on the drive. We ended up going up to Glacier National Park for 2 days. Both of the parks were so beautiful and I would love to go back some day.
There were lots of neat natural wonders to see like hot springs.
And waterfalls.
We saw lots of Buffalo, they were big and this one lived in our campground.
Waiting for Old Faithful.
Still waiting!

Ryan, Kara, Lane and Kabree came up and spent
a few days with us. We had a lot of fun together.

Lane and Kaelynn had fun together. Kaelynn cried in the car for her cousin the rest of the trip on and
off again.
Happy 4th of July.This was an weird picture but it was the only one I got with most of the kids. It was the last family activity at Jared's parents house in Sublimity before they sold it. It was the house that the kids had grown up in so it was sad to see it go. We had fun though with fireworks which were by far more for the guys than the kids. We also built a camp fire in the drive way and roasted marsh mellows. Kaelynn was so tired by this time that she didn't really care for the fireworks and fell asleep.
Happy 29th Birthday to Jared. Man is he getting old! Just one more year till the doom of 30. Ohh well I still love him no matter how old he gets. He had a fun birthday with his whole family, only Ryan and his family couldn't make. It was a yard full but we wouldn't want it any other way.

We took grandpas boat up a couple weekends in a row to Foster Lake and to Detroit Lake. We all had a blast. It was her first time fishing. She thought the pole was a sword and kept swinging it around. Needless to say she didn't catch a fish.

Mom and dad did though. Jared out fished us all with 5, I got one and my poor dad didn't catch any, but we all had fun.
Happy 2nd Birthday to Miss Kaelynn. She is growing so fast, I still can't believe we have had 2 whole wonderful years with her in our lives. We had a small party with cake here at our house. The grandparents and a couple of her little friends came. She had a blast and was so tired that night. The older she get the more fun it is for her and us too.
She got a great big play structure from mom and dad. She loved it, it was hard to get her off so she could open presents.
Here she is opening some of her cool gifts.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We went yet again to the beach and if you are counting it was a total of 3 weekends in a row. It was by pure accident that this happened. Jared's dad said he wanted to go crabbing so we were game, by the way we are going crabbing again next weekend too because Jared's aunt and uncle from Utah will be in town. Ohh yeah is all I had to say about this. I kind of just wanted a weekend at home but no luck. The first time crabbing we only got 3 all weekend but the next time we walked away with 13, not a bad haul. It was fun over all the cousins came over from Cottage Grove and we went to the Aquarium and that was fun. Kaelynn love to play with her cousins. The weather though was cloudy and a bit misty, but all in all we had fun and were so tired when we got home.
Well this is stuff that greeting cards are made of. How sweet is it to see a father and daughter hand in hand walking along the beach?
Kaelynn got a super cute Dragon kite from Costco. This is just before it's first voyage into the sky.
Pretty starfish and no she wouldn't touch it!
This picture is just so cute I have to show people. A lady that my mom takes care of knitted this cute hat. What a ham this kid is. How could you ever say no to her? Well I find a is usually when she is screaming like a monster.
We stopped on our way home from Newport to take a nature hike, what a natural she is.
What a beautiful day at the Oregon Coast, we don't get many of these. We spent most of the Memorial weekend working on our garden, I can't wait till my veggies are big enough to eat. But we did take a break from all the shoveling(2 pickup loads of dirt) to enjoy the beach. It was so nice, a bit breezy but not too bad. It took Kealynn a while to get used to the feel of sand and how very cold the water was. Over all a great weekend and yes Jared got 3 whole days off in a row, how shocking!
Well look how super cute my almost two year old is. This is the first day that I put her hair up in pigtails. By the way she screamed and hated every minute of it, now there is a picture I wish I had gotten. I can't believe in a few days she will be two where ohhh where does the time go?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Kaelynn and I went to Silver Creek Falls for a day trip. It was fun. We didn't hike any but it was still fun. We took great grandma and grandpa Blackburn. They had fun and hadn't been there in a few years.  

It hit 80 degrees this past weekend and we went camping. The weather was great on Friday then it got dark and cold. We like to tent camp and boy ohh boy was it cold that night. Poor Kaelynn she slept fine through the night but the next morning was cold and foggy. She kept crying "I want to go home" It broke my heart. Well I decided to take her for a drive to get warm and Jared stayed at camp to clean up breakfast, (yes he did dishes). We were gone about 45 min. I didn't think Jared could get into too much trouble in that amount of time......boy was I wrong. He go into an argument with the camp host and was packing the tent up when we got back. Well our fun 3 day weekend was cut short and we went back home. But we did go to the zoo the following day.......

The zoo sure was fun. Kaelynn is at a good age where she know all the animals and was so excited to see them.  She love the elephants and monkeys.(2 of her favorite movies are Horton Hears a Whoo and Harry and the Henderson's, I know its not a monkey but she thinks it is) I was a lot of fun and she walked almost the whole was so she was so tired by the end.  It was also a nice hot day and felt good to get some sun.