Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We went yet again to the beach and if you are counting it was a total of 3 weekends in a row. It was by pure accident that this happened. Jared's dad said he wanted to go crabbing so we were game, by the way we are going crabbing again next weekend too because Jared's aunt and uncle from Utah will be in town. Ohh yeah is all I had to say about this. I kind of just wanted a weekend at home but no luck. The first time crabbing we only got 3 all weekend but the next time we walked away with 13, not a bad haul. It was fun over all the cousins came over from Cottage Grove and we went to the Aquarium and that was fun. Kaelynn love to play with her cousins. The weather though was cloudy and a bit misty, but all in all we had fun and were so tired when we got home.
Well this is stuff that greeting cards are made of. How sweet is it to see a father and daughter hand in hand walking along the beach?
Kaelynn got a super cute Dragon kite from Costco. This is just before it's first voyage into the sky.
Pretty starfish and no she wouldn't touch it!
This picture is just so cute I have to show people. A lady that my mom takes care of knitted this cute hat. What a ham this kid is. How could you ever say no to her? Well I find a way...it is usually when she is screaming like a monster.
We stopped on our way home from Newport to take a nature hike, what a natural she is.
What a beautiful day at the Oregon Coast, we don't get many of these. We spent most of the Memorial weekend working on our garden, I can't wait till my veggies are big enough to eat. But we did take a break from all the shoveling(2 pickup loads of dirt) to enjoy the beach. It was so nice, a bit breezy but not too bad. It took Kealynn a while to get used to the feel of sand and how very cold the water was. Over all a great weekend and yes Jared got 3 whole days off in a row, how shocking!
Well look how super cute my almost two year old is. This is the first day that I put her hair up in pigtails. By the way she screamed and hated every minute of it, now there is a picture I wish I had gotten. I can't believe in a few days she will be two where ohhh where does the time go?