Friday, November 20, 2009

We went on what will be a yearly trip to Utah to visit the cousins. The drive was a long one but worth it. Kaelynn had so much fun with Hadley, Addie, and Caleb. Those kids played so hard. Kaelynn and Caleb are only 3 months apart and they pick at each other most of the time. We ate lots of good food ( I came home 10 lbs. heavier). We made crafts and went to the dinosaur museum. Arisa and I got a manicure which was a nice treat. Now the guys on the other hand spent the weekend elk hunting in the snow and slept in 17 degree weather. They had fun though, you know "male bonding." I could never figure out why men have to bond in the coldest, wettest, and dirtiest places and they still love it?

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