Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We went yet again to the beach and if you are counting it was a total of 3 weekends in a row. It was by pure accident that this happened. Jared's dad said he wanted to go crabbing so we were game, by the way we are going crabbing again next weekend too because Jared's aunt and uncle from Utah will be in town. Ohh yeah is all I had to say about this. I kind of just wanted a weekend at home but no luck. The first time crabbing we only got 3 all weekend but the next time we walked away with 13, not a bad haul. It was fun over all the cousins came over from Cottage Grove and we went to the Aquarium and that was fun. Kaelynn love to play with her cousins. The weather though was cloudy and a bit misty, but all in all we had fun and were so tired when we got home.

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arisa said...

happy birthday kaelynn! these pictures are all so cute. SHE is the stuff greeting cards are made of! i love the daddy daughter on the beach picture. i can never get enough of those!